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1539 Foothill BLVD Rock Spring, WY 82901
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Industrial Nitrogen

Redi Pumping, LLC is a full service industrial nitrogen company providing work over rig support, plant and operations support.  Redi Pumping, LLC operators and supervisors are highly experienced and trained to get the job done right.  Each operation will have OQ certified supervisor to ensure the job is completed within the right parameters to maximize efficiency . 

Redi Pumping’s equipment leads the industry in providing innovation and versatility.  Our combo units provide Nitrogen and Fluid capabilities for downhole cleanout, blow arounds and well killing.  Not your typical Nitrogen truck!  This versatility provides quicker lifting or kill time, less waiting translates to a measured advantage.

Our Plant turnaround and shutdown nitrogen support service is comprehensive and compliments the multi-disciplines of Redi Services, LLC and Redi Inspections, LLC.  Redi’s family of services allows operators the capability of truly turn keying their facility maintenance.  Redi Pumping, LLC provides cooling, purging, drying, blanketing and cleaning operations to safely complete your TAR and shutdown needs.  With multiple TARs under our belt, our expertise enables quick response to the always changing priorities of a typical TAR/Shutdown. 


Oil and Gas

  • Well Cleanout
  • Artificial Lifting
  • Well Killing
  • Blow Around
  • Well Displacement

Plant and Facility

  • Cooling
  • Blanketing
  • Purging
  • Inert Operations
  • Heat up Operations
  • Drying
  • Pressure Testing and Calibration
  • Catalyst Service
  • Evacuate vessel, tank and storage caverns


  • Pigging operations
  • Pressure Testing and Calibration
  • Inert lines
  • Purging lines
  • Production Transferring
  • Leak Detection
  • Unloading Operations 

Foam and Gas units

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