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Buck/Bull Contest

2014 Archery Deer

2014 Archery Elk

2014 Rifle Deer

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2014 Rifle Elk

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Redi Services had another successful year with the 4th annual Buck/Bull Contest. Thank you again to all of our sponsors!


2014 Sponcers

And thank you to all the participants.

Another great year for Redi Services Buck/Bull Contest!

First off we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our sponsors. We could not have done it with out them.


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2014 Buck/Bull Contest Winners

1st place Archery Deer-Aaron Johnson-$1000 Scheels gift card.



2nd place Archery Deer- Eric Boley-Leupold Rangefinder.



1st place Archery Elk- Marc Stogner-Carbon Knight Bowtech bow and gift card.

Marc Stogner 2014 Bull


2nd place Archery Elk- Jaden Nelson-Trophy Ridge Bow sight.




3rd place Archery Elk- Dirk Mullins-Primo Elk calls/scenteliminator/Under Armor hat.

Dirk Mullins 2014 Bull


1st place Rifle Deer Cole Thomas- .270 Weatherby Vanguard Rifle.




2nd place Rifle Deer Phil Krall- Badlands Sacrifice Backpack.



3rd place Rifle Deer Joey Majhanovich- Under Armour Duffel Bag.



1st place Rifle Elk Brian Knotts- .300 Browning A bolt II.



2nd place Rifle Elk Aaron Johnson- Leupold Rangefinder.



3rd place Rifle Elk Clint Condos- Lansky sharpener/Schrade knife/Redline flashlight.


Bonus Division

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General Drawing

  • Warren Hatcher - $500.00 Scheels Gift Card
  • Caden Bowen – Howa 25-06 Rifle with scope
  • Matt Simpson – 17HMR Ruger Rifle and Eastmans DVD
  • Kyle Condos – $500.00 GunRoom Gift Card Tag Soup and how to hunt elk and deer Eastmans DVDs
  • Andrew Kaiser – Camp Chef Stove
  • Jeff Tholen – Katadyn Water Filter
  • Eric Challinor - Shadow Tech Knife
  • Jim Grosulak - Huskemaw Headlamp and PrincetonTec Headlamp
  • Chris Porterfield - CAMELBAK and Eastmans DVD
  • Bryce Tholen Mathews Bow Case
  • Jak Tanner Huskemaw Flashlight
  • Buck Bruce Cabelas Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Dale Keiter Horn Hunter Bino Hub
  • Cheyenne Scharf First Aid Kit and Window Decal
  • Joaquin Barrera Havalon Orange Piranta Bolt Knife
  • Leo Alarcon Havalon Green Piranta Knife and Eastman’s hat
  • Dustin Mathews Princeton Tec Headlamp and Cabelas Window Mount
  • Eric Wickersham Grizzly Micro Liner Sleeping Bag Liner and Eastman’s DVD
  • Jeff Brown Grizzly Micro Liner Sleeping Bag Liner and Eastman’s DVD
  • Gary Condos UDAP Bear Spray
  • Marlin Batista Tac Torch Flashlight
  • Garth Biebinger Cabelas Window Mount
  • Kassey Dennis Cabelas Window Mount
  • Jeremy Kaiser Skull Hooker and Eastman’s DVD
  • Jerry Harris Allen Mossy Oak Scoped Rifle Case
  • Seth Linn Huskemaw Headlamp and Eastmans Hat
  • Rusty Kaiser Skull Hooker
  • Aimee Thomas Eastmans DVD
  • Austin Smith EastmansTee Shirt
  • Brad Bradshaw Eastmans Hat
  • Braxton Nelson Eastmans Book
  • Brian Knotts Eastmans Tee Shirt
  • Casey Bowen Eastmans Tee Shirt
  • Cole Thomas Eastmans Book
  • Don Brunski Eastmans Hat
  • Heath Eddins Eastmans Hat
  • Jaden Nelson Eastmans Hat
  • Jeff Fox Eastmans Hat
  • John Fear Eastmans Tee Shirt
  • Matt Reed Eastmans DVD
  • Nick Arnold Eastmans DVD
  • Paul Kaiser Eastmans DVD
  • Phillip Johnson Eastmans Book
  • Sergio Saenz Eastmans Hat
  • Sergio Saenz Jr. Eastmans DVD
  • Spencer Crosland Eastmans Hat
  • Tarek Ellsworth Eastmans Hat
  • Wendell Youngberg Eastmans Hat
  • Wiliam Ourada Eastmans DVD

Awards Dinner

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